Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo

Here are my ten favorite published and unpublished photos(in no particular order) from a weekend of covering the Corn Place Stampede Rodeo. I had a great time hanging out on the grounds despite temps in the upper 90s. After spending some time with bronc riders in the chutes I am convinced you have to be almost nuts to hop on those animals and try to ride them. Those horses are mean. Never the less everyone I met was extremely nice and generous.



3 thoughts on “Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo

  1. hey im the bareback rider thats in the pictures from the chute and then getting my markout did you get any other pictures from that ride?

  2. Hey I was in the Saddle Bronc Riding and I was wondering if I could get the rest of the Bronc Riding photos from the July 16th performance

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