© 2011 Chris Huber

A flood of photos

Over the last few weeks I have been cover some interesting aspects of flooding.  It started last week with heavy rains throughout much of the region.  A road washed out outside Lower Brule causing to vehicles to fall into a nearby creek and be swept down river.  When I arrived near the scene I found Darrell Middletent scanning the creek banks looking for a one of the drivers of the vehicles that had been swept away.  They eventually found the women’s body 3 hours later close to where we were looking.

This week I traveled to Oacoma/Chamberlain where residents their are trying to hold back the rising Missouri.

I found two groups of children who seems to embrace the flood however using bow fishing equipment and spears to catch carp.

Finally these images taken just a week apart show the how quickly water levels on the Missouri are rising.  The first photo was taken by me last week and the second was taken by my coworker Anna just yesterday.  Officials expect the water to rise even more in the coming days.

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