A day in Lane

Yesterday a reporter and I spent a day in the town of Lane.  In between Woonsocket and Wessington Springs, Lane is a small town of just over 50 people but most of the them seemed very genuine.  Lane Residents will be voting today (02/8) on whether or not to dissolve the town and become part neighboring Franklin township. We went to the local cafe, auto garage and then I went to the top of the grain elevator.

Shirley’s Lane Cafe

Monday’s Lunch Special was hot beef.












Lane Garage and Auto Supply

Could have stayed here all afternoon, good guys to talk to and a lot of neat stuff around the garage.




A view of the town

2 thoughts on “A day in Lane

  1. My mother, Iola Jackson Miller, lived a mile south of Lane where Tim Jackson lives now. My father, Milo Miller, and his family lived about 4 miles northwest of Lane. Wilma Noyes, postmistress in Lane for many years, was my aunt. I have a copy of Mrs. Schmidt’s painting of the Lane garage hanging above my computer. Hope all goes well for the Lane election.

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