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Light Painting

Some of you may have noticed the new blog banner or the liquor photo from Saturday’s edition.  Both of those were made by a photographic technique called light painting.  Basically you set your camera up in a very dark situation and use flash lights or external flashes to illuminate your subject. 

Info: ISO 100 F:10 Shutter 6 secs.

For the liquor bottle I used to LED headlamps.  The first set up behind the bottle and the second in my hand which, once the shutter was open I outlined the edge of the bottle quickly to get crisp lines.

Same technique used here.  First I shined light on the camera and the swung the headlamp around behind the camera to create the white lines you see.

Try this at home with your own camera.  First make sure you have your camera on a tripod and set your camera to manual.  Use a long enough shutter so you have time to light the object.  Next play with different kinds lights as they will come across as different colors.  When you have some practice move outdoors and get creative using a combination of natural light and artificial.

Light painting using a flash light and remote shutter from inside my tent at Itasca State Park....ISO 500 F 11 Shutter 13 seconds

Send your light painting pictures to chuber@mitchellrepublic.com and I will post them on the blog.

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