I shot a bald eagle

Actually, I shot around 15 bald eagles today.  All with my camera of course. The group of large birds were congregating where the James River and Firesteel Creek meet just east of Mitchell. They didn’t want me to get to close but I was able to snap off a few quick ones.  Though I wish I owned a longer lens the 200mm doesn’t quite have the reach I need it too for bird photography.




Photographing Gary Munsen

Over the past week I got to spend some time photographing legendary Mitchell basketball coach Gary Munsen for a long feature The Daily Republic’s Sports Editor, Luke Hagen, did on his coaching career.  First was a set environmental portraits of him in the Corn Palace.During the shoot we talked about my hometown, joked about his career and talked about the state tournament. He couldn’t have been nicer or more pleasant as he climbed the Corn Palace stairs, bad hip and all, to get the picture I had envisioned for him..

Once on the court a different side of Gary Munsen appears. Fiery, boisterous and at times downright angry. A fellow photographer, that is not familiar with Mitchell, asked me during Munsen’s last regular season home game, “Does this guy ever smile?” I shook my head no. In fact, while pointing my camera at the coach for an entire quarter that night, there wasn’t one moment where I could have captured anything that even resembled a smile. Perhaps it his will to win or his drive to always improve that brings on this all-business persona while he is on the court.


After his last regular season home game however, Munsen once again flipped the switch.  He laughed, he smiled, he hugged and joked. “I wouldn’t have been this happy if we would have lost tonight,” he said for a crowd of around 2200 that turned out to bid him farewell. Gary Munsen has a complexity and a passion that absolutely makes him a joy to photograph (just don’t plan on getting a smile from him while he is on the court)


State Historical Society-Archives goes digital

The state historical society has digitized it archives releasing thousands of historic photos, manuscripts and government records. Click on the URL to visit the site http://sddigitalarchives.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm

A search of Mitchell yeilds 76 results ranging from exterior shots of The Corn Palace to a handwritten letter from Charles A Schweppe about the Capital Fight.

There is really some fascinating stuff on the site for both history and photo buffs.

Mitchell, S.D. White's Mill on the James River near Mitchell, 1889. Built by John Scofields and John White. (Donated by Mrs. W.R. Ball, Mitchell)

2011 Fall Athletes of the Year

This past week I had the opportunity to photograph our football and volleyball player of the year for The Daily Republic. Both were extremely polite and accommodating people to work with. I wish the best for them in their future endeavors. Congrats to Jason Greenway and Dana Misiaszek.

Jason Greenway

Dana Misiaszek


Scout tour

From time to time, we get tour groups at The Daily Republic. The Scouts we had in today were a particularly lively and engaged bunch, and they asked if we would put their picture in the paper. As a compromise, we promised to post the photo online.

Anyone interested in a tour can call The Daily Republic at 996-5514 or 996-5516.

Dog agility mixed with oldtimer baseball

Today was one heck of a fun day to take photos.  It started with photographing a dog agility contest at the 4-H grounds for achievement days.  These well trained dogs flew up and over obstacles with no problem.  Fun stuff to watch.

April Herbst, with dog Fire


Shetland Sheepdog named Rumor


Dogs get the coolest trophies

The second half of my day featured an oldtimer baseball games with guys in their 60s, 70s, and 80s playing baseball to kick off the State Amateur Baseball Tournament in Mitchell this week. These guys were slightly less agile then the dogs I saw earlier in the day but never-the-less were having a good time and were in great shape for their age.  Dugout conversation included the use of Lipitor for heart attack prevention and cheers of “Go Grandpa” could be heard throughout the stadium.